Limestone Pelletizing Technology - the Pin Mixer PRO-DFP

At Mars Mineral, we’re giving limestone quarry operators and fertilizer plants the ability to pelletize limestone fines cost-effectively. We’re also helping distributors and retailers capitalize on increased market demand for limestone-based soil stimulants.


The Leader in Converting Aglime into Spherical Pellets

For more than 40 years, Mars Mineral has led the way in design, engineering and production of agitation agglomeration systems that turn limestone fines into fertilizer pellets for use in residential and commercial settings.

Our pelletizing systems provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Creation of New Products & Revenue Streams
  • Improved Mixing with Other Agricultural Products
  • Recycling of Waste Materials
  • Improved Material Handling & Appearance
  • Reducing Airborne Contaminants

We also offer testing services to determine the ability of your material to be pelletized (pelletability). Our additional capabilities include customized research studies and pilot scale development programs tailored to your specific requirements.

Mars Mineral is based in Mars, PA, about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh. The company is a division of Woodward Inc.

Why Pelletize

A Better Way to Boost Your Bottom Line

Pelletized limestone offers numerous benefits to quarry operators and fertilizer manufacturers. They include:

  • Creating New Products
  • Recycling Waste Materials
  • Improving Material Handling & Appearance
  • Reducing Airborne Contaminants

The popularity of pelletized limestone results from millions of homeowners willing to do everything within reason to achieve lawns that are the envy of the neighborhood. One thing that enables lawns to achieve their lush growth is the benefits provided by the addition of pelletized limestone to fertilizer.

Pelletizing Pin Mixer by Mars Mineral

Designing customized limestone pelletizing systems is a five-step process:








How a Typical Pelletizing Plant Works

Drying pellets

The Pin Mixer receives limestone dust, fines or powders from the storage bin and feeder, mixes it with binder, pelletizes and sends the pellets to the Dryer.

Drying pellets

The Dryer dries and cools the pellets, discharging them onto a conveyor belt that carries them to the Screen

Drying pellets

The Screen removes and recycles oversized and undersized pellets, sending the “good” ones to the pellet storage bin, located outside the building.

Bagging pellets in 40 pound bags

The Bagger takes the pellets from the pellet storage bin and automatically fills a flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) or other package.

Wrapping pellets

The Palletizer & Stretch Wrapper arrange the filled bags on pallets, stacking them for shipment and stretch-wrapping them to the pallet for stability in transport.

With a Mars Mineral Pelletizing System, you’re helping to reduce environmental and public health problems by converting dusts, fines or powders into pellets which are easy to transport, re-use or store.

Pin Mixer PRO-DFP

The Pin Mixer PRO-DFP Turns Dusts, Fines & Powders Into Revenue

Pin Mixer PRO-DFP

To make feedstocks for a multitude of industrial products, depend on our Pin Mixer PRO-DFP.

With a capacity to produce 0.3 to 90 tons of pellets per hour, the Pin Mixer PRO-DFP can help you:

The Pin Mixer PRO-DFP features carbon or stainless steel construction, as well as variable frequency drives to help you maximize productivity.

To learn more, contact us at or call 724-538-3000. Also visit us at to get a customized quote.

Lab Tests

Description Research Study Pilot Scale Development
Test Results Success based upon generation of customer-defined pellets, as determined by analysis Scale up data obtained and/or quantity pelletization
Required Quantity of Sample 5-10 Gallons;
15-25 Gallons for pin mixer pelletization
500 – 2200 lb (225 – 1000 kg)
Binders Water and 2 binder additives;
Additional binders will increase fee
Predetermined binder
Equipment 8D32L Pin Mixer 12D54L Pin Mixer
Sample Yield Up to 500 lb (225 kg) ≥ 450 lb (200 kg) of pellets
Special Conditions None Milling, pre-treatment, mixing, special feeding, drying, screening, or post-treatment at extra charge
Price $2,000 per day $2,500 per day (one day minimum charge)


What You Should Know About Aglime Pelletizing Systems

Why should I pelletize limestone fines?
There is a growing market for the use of pelletized limestone in soil stimulant applications. The pelletized form has several advantages over the pulverized or agricultural limestone which include ease of application through spreaders, non-dusty application, even distribution that is not affected by wind, and the use of smaller limestone particles for fast, efficient results.
What is the soil absorption rate of pelletized limestone?
Limestone pellets are made up of finely-ground material that is bonded by a binder which forms a durable pellet for handling in conveyors, baggers and during application to the soil. Because the binder is water soluble, once the applied pellets become wet they quickly break apart, releasing the finely-ground limestone into the soil.
Are there any economic advantages to producing pelletized limestone instead of pulverized or agricultural limestone?
A recent survey of various chain stores that we conducted in our local area indicated that the retail price for pulverized limestone in 50# bags averaged $1.31 per bag. Pelletized limestone’s retail price in 40# bags averaged $2.58 per bag. The difference is $52.40/ton of pulverized versus $129.00/ton of pelletized because pelletized limestone is a value-added product.
Are there any other markets for pelletized limestone?
Pelletized limestone can also be used for blending with fertilizers or as a carrier for herbicides or insecticides.
Are calcitic and dolomitic limestone both candidates for pelletizing?
What operating costs are involved in the pelletizing of limestone fines?
The actual cost of pelletizing depends upon many factors associated with system installation. As a guideline, a 50,000-ton per year operation will produce a pelletized product in 40# bags on a stretched wrapped pallet for approximately $27.00/ton. This price includes labor, utilities, maintenance and binder. The cost for bagging, included in the above price per ton listed, is approximately $10.50 per ton.
How can I determine if my material is suitable for pelletizing?
Testing can be performed on your material to determine pelletability, as well as projected costs of equipment and binder.
Is Mars Mineral only interested in supplying pelletizing equipment?
No. We’re capable of providing a turnkey system that includes the pelletizing equipment, drying, screening, bagging, palletizing, controls and installation.
Why should I choose Mars Mineral to supply pelletizing equipment or systems?
Mars Mineral has been in the pelletizing equipment business for more than 40 years. During that time, we have supplied equipment and turnkey systems to the limestone industry. That experience and knowledge of limestone-related applications makes Mars the logical choice for meeting your limestone pelletizing needs.


We're experiencing dynamic growth. As a result, we're looking for smart, ambitious, team-oriented professionals to help us meet increasing demand for our agitation agglomeration equipment, services and systems. This equipment is used in the production of spherical pellets in a wide range of applications and materials.

If you have a technical or laboratory background and believe that one of our positions listed below may be right for you, send us your resume



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